Popular free-to-play World War 2 game Heroes & Generals launches brand-new map in all new setting with the ‘Skirmish at Khutor’-update.

The new Khutor-map takes place in a completely new setting inspired the marshlands of Eastern Europe – the first new setting introduced into Heroes & Generals since the launch of the game.

“It is super exciting to introduce a new setting and a new map in Heroes & Generals. We have had a lot of great feedback from our players helping us fine tune gameplay elements on the new map,” tells Jacob Andersen, Game Director at RETO MOTO.

Khutor is designed for the skirmish game mode in Heroes & Generals, and not only does the fall leaves on birch trees adds a fresh breath of both color and feel to the game. The open and swampy areas also present players with new tactical challenges as they battle for victory.

“What’s also exciting about Khutor is that it’s the first map we have produced using our new graphics pipeline. This has enabled us to deliver a map with a higher level of detail that will set the standard for all future maps we do” says Jacob Andersen.

As the new Khutor map is based on Eastern European terrain the update introduces the Universal-1, a Soviet tractor based on the US Farmall F-20 design, as a new civilian vehicle to match the terrain.

Try it out now and plow down your enemies!

The full changelog for the ‘Skirmish at Khutor’-update can be found here.

Press assets for Heroes & Generals are available here.