Players of the popular free-to-play World War 2 game Heroes & Generals can go to combat on an all new map introduced in the just released ‘Colmar Hamlet’-update.

Colmar Hamlet is the all new map for the Encounter Game Mode in Heroes & Generals. Two teams of infantry soldiers battle for control of a small settlement, a hamlet, knowing that a victory will make a difference in the persistent online war.

The Colmar Hamlet-map is designed to provide new players with an easy to read layout, where they will have their first successful battles. While veteran players experience a map that challenge their skill, aim and ability to work as a team.


In addition to the new map, here is what you’ll find in the 1.10 Update ‘Colmar Hamlet’

42 new Helmet covers: Infantry soldiers now have the option of going to war dressed to win in matching uniforms and helmets. In total 770 infantry soldier combinations are available.

14 new vehicle paint jobs: New vehicle paint jobs for heavy tanks, half tracks, and trucks let soldiers prepare their vehicle for combat.

Five new weather settings: Completing the circle of possible weather settings in Heroes & Generals, giving a total of 12 different settings, combining time of day with weather condition.

The full changelog for the ‘Colmar Hamlet’-update can be found here.
Press assets for Heroes & Generals are available here.