The just released ‘Battle Flow’-update for the popular free-to-play World War 2 game Heroes & Generals introduces a large number of important level design tweaks all inspired by player suggestions.

“One of the most important elements for us as developers working on a live game like Heroes & Generals is the constant feedback from the players. It inspires us,” says Jacob Andersen, Game Director at RETO MOTO.

The ‘Battle Flow’-update makes several crucial tweaks to the large assault maps of Heroes & Generals like moving deploy zones and adding cover and new buildings in order to improve the gameplay and ensure even better battles on all maps. 

All of the tweaks are inspired by feedback and suggestions provided by a very engaged community that makes several thousand weekly posts on the Heroes & Generals website forum providing the developers with endless inspiration.

“It is equally valuable feedback when players post just a single solid suggestion as when they do sketches and stuff to convey their ideas on the game’s current content. Getting feedback is one of the things that makes game development for a live game fun,” says Jacob Andersen.


Additional news in the 1.09 Update ‘Battle Flow’

New helmet paints: Nine new helmet paints let players customize their infantry soldiers even further.

New vehicle paint jobs: 14 new vehicle paint jobs let soldiers drive into war in style and look their best when winning battles.

All new in-game bulletin screen: The new in-game Bulletin screen tells players the current status of the war, provides an easy to navigate friends list, and gives up to date information on Heroes & Generals.

The full changelog for the ‘Battle Flow’-update can be found here.
Press assets for Heroes & Generals are available here.